We help businesses build their brands.

We develop and execute strategic brand and marketing projects to help businesses grow and move to the next level. 

We are not a regular creative agency

Our mission is to help business owners and top management grow their businesses through strategic brand and marketing initiatives.  

We are entrepreneurs like you. We have built businesses from scratch to scale-ups to exits; from zero to hundreds of thousands of customers. But we have also worked for leading consumer brands all over the world. Therefore, we understand your needs and we will work closely with you to develop and execute branding and marketing initiatives to support your growth and drive results.

Meet Our Clients


For PRE, a leading energy supplier, we have been designing and implementing a strategic project for transformer station redesign, which in addition to the new design gain added value in the form of electric vehicle charging stations.


We have been helping Twisto to define both brand and marketing strategies, executing multiple customer acquisition and retention campaigns in the Czech Republic and Poland and helping with international expansion in the CEE. During 4 years of cooperation, we helped to attract hundreds of thousands of customers.


For Epico, a leading mobile accessory manufacturer, we designed the brand marketing strategy, helped define the company's mission and vision, and concept of internal communication.


For Zaloto, a Fintech lead-generation start-up we have designed a brand marketing strategy, helped define the company's mission and vision, concept of internal communication, developped a PR strategy and provided strategic consultations to the founders team. 

Gorila mobil

We have developped from scratch a complete concept of the mobile virtual network operator Gorila mobil, which we subsequently operated until full exit to the mobile operator O2.

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